Professional Carpet Cleaning: Can It Kill The Corona Virus

Corona virus is definitely something to be concerned about, especially since it can survive on some surfaces for long periods of time. This is why some people might want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. However, can professional carpet cleaning kills the corona virus? To find out, read the rest of this article.


The Corona Virus & Surfaces

The Covid-19 virus is new, which is why there is a lot people still don’t know about it. However, what is known is the virus can remain on certain surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Generally speaking, it can last for a few hours or even a few days in some cases. It all depends on the surface itself.

With that said, nobody is 100% sure how long the virus can survive on carpeting, as well as materials such as clothing. This is why it’s important to do a thorough cleaning, just to be on the safe side. Remember, it appears that the virus is highly contagious, which is why you should clean and disinfect your property regularly.


The Importance Of Cleaning Carpets During The Covid-19 Outbreak

It’s important to have your carpets cleaned during the corona virus outbreak because you want to reduce your chances of catching it. It’s too easy to touch surfaces, including carpets, and then accidentally touch your face or not wash your hands frequently. In turn, if you have touched a contaminated surface and then breathed in the virus, then you could very well catch it.

It’s even more crucial to clean your carpets if they are constantly walked on. The same goes if you have pets, especially dogs that you take for walks, as they can bring in the virus and potentially spread them onto the carpets. By cleaning the carpets, regularly, you’ll stand a better chance of killing off the corona, if it’s on your carpets.


How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Kill The Virus

Professional carpet cleaning kills off all viruses, when it’s done properly and when only the best methods and products are used. The reason why is because high heat kills off viruses and a professional will steam clean your carpets. Steam cleaning involves using high heat to get deep into the fibers of the carpets. The bottom line is if there are active bacteria and viruses lurking in the carpets, and this includes the corona, then they will be killed off.

If you’re concerned that the virus might be lurking in your carpets, then let an expert carpet cleaner know. They’ll tell you what equipment they have and what they’ll do to get your carpets as clean as possible. The sooner you have your carpets professionally cleaned, the better.


What A Professional Won’t Do

You might be tempted to clean your carpets yourself, but it’s best to let the experts do it. They won’t do things such as use chlorine bleach to clean your carpets or to remove stains, nor will they use harmful chemicals or products that won’t work good. If you were to do it on your own, the chances are you would be tempted to use such cleaning methods.

Plus, certain carpets have to be cleaned specific ways. A professional carpet cleaner will inspect your carpets and then decide which method they should use. You will be surprised at how much cleaner your carpets look, but more importantly they will be germ and bacteria free.

As you can see, it’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally clean. It is highly likely that the virus can be killed off by doing this. Just make sure you hire a company that is reputable and uses only the best equipment and methods.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Can It Kill The Corona Virus
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